Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 21 - Kadoka, SD

The group seems to have deemed my tent "Laura's Chalet".

Today we left Rapid City and rode 103 miles to Kadoka.  We rode through The Badlands.  It was nice to see the different scenery.

The rock formations look like giant sandcastles.  It's amazing!

... Oh great.  JUST the sign I want to see while I walk around and explore...

Days 19 & 20 - Rapid City, SD

The ride through Black Hill Cluster State Park on Day 19 was extremely beautiful.  Sadly, I don't have any photos, as I left my iPhone in my luggage!

Day 20 was a rest day in Rapid City.  I was surprised to see drive through liquor stores!

We seem to be eating a lot of ice cream on this trip.  Nellie's mom took us out for one in a nice, air conditioned car.  It felt funny being inside a motor vehicle as opposed to on a bicycle!  Olivia joined us on the trip to a great old-fashioned ice cream shop.

At the end of the day, I got a "taxi" back to the dorm.  Was nice letting someone ELSE do the peddling for a bit!

Day 18 - New Castle, WY

Happy Independence Day!

Today's trek was a much needed shorter ride compared to yesterday's 112 mile day.  We rode by many beautiful horses with their young.

I am so thankful for cloudy skies, otherwise I am burning up!  Still experimenting with sunscreens!

So surprised with the different terrain. 

Beautiful views!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 16 - Sheridan, WY

I had breakfast duty this morning, so I got up and was ready to ride at 5:15am.

Today, we hit the 1000 mile mark!  Here I am with Jenny, Melanie and Cara.

We biked through the Crow Nation reservation, encountering many loose dogs.

Goodbye, Montana.  Hello, Wyoming!

We stopped at a bar, Fort a Cole.

The day ended in Sheridan, WY.  Lots of fishing shops!

All in all, a great day for riding... hot headwind conditions... 84.5 miles!

Day 15 - Hardin, MT

Today's ride from Billings, MT to Hardin, MT is a whopping 53 miles... and I quickly discovered why.

Always seem to be climbing!

Some scenery along the way!

Entering Big Horn County, headed east into the rising sun.

This tractor has been sitting idle too long!

Final destination of the day.

The nicest looking building in town... the county courthouse.

All in all, a nice easy day, ending at a KOA campground.

Day 13 - Billings, MT

Today's ride is Harlowton, MT to Billings, MT.  Hot, sunny, and dry!  I rode most of the day with Kendell, and he's great to ride with, pulling me all the way!

Let's play a little catch up!

Back on Day 2 of the ride, I was unlucky enough to experience a flat tire.  My luck!

Tom was kind enough to help me change the tire...

And then Martha stepped in to give advice!

Lastly, Charlton from the support crew comes along with a pump.  Great teamwork gets the tire changed!  

And from Day 10, here's a photo of the long smooth road into Vantage!